Clean and Track

• Automatically tracks cleaning events using NFC tags
• Cleaning is visible, and auditable
• Real time dashboard and alerts
• Gives customer confidence Hospitality, Care Homes, Schools, Offices

Ensuring a Hygenic Environment

  • Clean and Track provides a range of products to maintain a hygenic environment

    Atmofizer cleans the air of viruses, bacteria and pollutants
  • automatically sanitises rooms and open plan workplaces

    Smartmister can automate the overnight disinfection of your workplace.
    Kills 99,999% of all pathogens on contact
    Meets a wide range of certification standards
  • GelPole 
    Sanitisation Station

      Customised Branding Available
Clean and Track
SmartMister DT5300 Automated Surface Sanitiser & 10L Solution
The SM-DT5300 Sanitising Unit:
  • Perfect for larger rooms and open-plan workspaces.
  • Can automate the overnight, disinfection of your workplace
  • Will kill 99.999% of all pathogens on contact
Atmofizer Air Purification System

The Atmofizer one is a UV air purifier system that eliminates, not captures, 99.9% of airborne bacteria particles and is highly effective in destroying small viruses such as COVID-19 and Influenza whi ...

Salvesan Sustainable Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitiser
Salvesan Skin products are for use as an alternative to alcohol based hand sanitisers. 
As good as alcohol our hypochlorous acid hand sanitisers kill 99.99% of bacteria and 99.9% of viruses whilst not ...
Gelpole Hand Sanitiser Station

Gelpole hands free sanitiser dispenser for kids

Gelpole - stainless steel hands-free sanitiser dispenser designed tostop infection at the door.

Designed for kids use. It is rugged and practical in a pub ...

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We provide a tested range of high quality leading products that ensuerr a safe environment in the workplace and for customers.
The products are suitable for Offices, Hospitality outlets, Care Homes, Hospitals, Gyms, Dental Practices, Schools, Hairdressers, Shops and most workplaces.
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