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Chimney Pillow Stops Draughts
Up to 11% of energy can go 'up the chimney'. A Chimney Pillow can reduce this heat loss and draughts significantly.
Improve Warm Air Circulation
Radiator Booster uses a small fan to distribute heat from a radiator more efficiently. 30p per year running costs.
Smoke Pencil identifies draughts
Battery operated. Produces a fine steam that looks like smoke. Non-toxic. Good consistency for draught testing

Doctor Energy - Energy Saving Products

Radiator Panels

Reduces wall heat loss
£ 29.99

Smoke Pencil

Professional Draught Detection Kit
£ 74.10

GSM Remote Controlled Power

Control a power socket using texts
£ 89.90

Chimney Pillow

Saves energy and money
£ 22.00

Radiator Panels

Reduces wall heat loss

Paint Additive

Makes Paint Insulate!

Water Diverter

65/68mm Round/Square

Radiator Booster

Improves Heat circulation
Some Reviews
Here's what some of our customers have to say...

"Fast delivery with good follow up for additional goods. Friendly and professional service".

"Only able to source this from Dr Energy, very happy with the product, which I had previously bought from the site".

"Extremely prompt and efficient service. The Thermatech Radiator Pack is fantastic - does the job extremely well".

"Excellent service and an excellent product. Solved draught in room from chimney. Recommend the Chimney Pillow"
About us
“Doctor Energy was established following research that showed how difficult it was for the average consumer to find products that go beyond old favourites like loft insulation and energy efficient light bulbs. By tackling many different aspects of our environment, we can all achieve economic and environmental savings. But only if we can find the right products.

Research by the Energy Saving Trust* shows that three quarters of respondents were worried they would not be able to afford their energy bills in the future and just as many said saving the UK's energy resources and making energy saving a daily part of their lives was something that concerns them.

Improving energy efficiency can save money on bills and add pounds to the value of a home for a small investment. Doctor Energy can assist anyone looking to reduce their energy or water demands to find reasonably priced products".
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