Ecosavers Nightlight
  • Uses EL (Electro Luminescent) technology to provide a comforting green glow
  • Ideal for children's bedrooms, hallways and landings
  • Uses an organic phosphor that is stimulated by a tiny amount of electricity to create an even glow
  • Designed to be in operation 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Costs just 7p of ELECTRICITY PER YEAR to run
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This is a water powered alarm clock. Requires no batteries and no electricity. Just a small amount of tap water to make it work.
Size: 115h x 140w x 65d mm
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H2O Water Powered Calculator
Unscrew the top and fill with ordinary tap water, wait a few minutes and the calculator will become usable. The calculator will only need topping up on average once a month, and offers a full range of functions. Size: 120 mm x 85mm x 150 mm
Moonlight - Nasa Technology
Using NASA space technology developed to illuminate cockpit panels this night light will run for 24 hours a day 365 days a year for under 50 pence.
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RADFAN - Booster for Radiators
  • Unique and innovative design redirects warm air and puts it where you want it
  • Low power fans keeps the heat moving
  • For each 1 degree thremostat is turned down can save £90 per annum
  • Fits securely on the radiator with integral magnets
  • Stylish and Robust. Top of the range in radiator enhancers
Scalewatcher 1 Star 7-15mm pipe
Scalewatcher is a compact, computerised electronic water conditioner which will descale your existing system, prevent new scale forming and save you money from the moment it is installed.