Water Saving & Control

A 32mm clip for fixing Droughtbuster tubing to walls 
Droughtbuster Longer tube for connection of diverter to Water ButtDroughtbuster longer tube for connection of diverter to Water Butt
Droughtbuster Mini Grey Water Recycling KitDroughtBuster Mini Grey Water Recycling kit is a simple way to reuse your bath, sink or shower water.
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Droughtbuster Non Drip Quality Water Butt Tap + Connector

The DroughtBuster Water Tap has a large mushroom shaped handle for easy grip even during the coldest weather.

It can feed filtered rainwater direct to fishponds and those special plants. Compatible with all major hose suppliers such as Hozelock, Gardena etc. Supplied with standard garden connector

Droughtbuster RainWater Diverter for 2.5" & 3" Cast Iron Pipes
DroughtBuster Universal RainWater Diverter for 2.5" and 3" round Cast Iron Pipes

With unique on/off control lever, when placed in the on position as illustrated below an internal butterfly is activated, which closes the down pipe diverting the rain into the water butt.
When the butt is full, the main chamber of the diverter fills up initiating the automatic overflow, rain then flows straight through the down pipe

The DroughtBuster Universal Rainwater Diverter is
  • Easy To Install
  • Fits Cast Iron Pipes
Droughtbuster Water Butt Connection Kit
Droughtbuster Water Butt Connection Kit
  • Join 2 or more butts to increase storage capacity
  • Create a filter system, the first butt collects all the debris, in all connected butts the water will be purer.
  • Comes with instruction for complete and easy installation