Plugs, Timers and Sockets

Brennenstuhl 24 hour timer MZ 20 GB
The competitively priced timer with 24-hour programme. Up to 96 on/off switching times per day can be set. Shortest switching time: 15 minutes. Easy to set. Childproof socket.

Technotrend Remote Control Phone Switch for appliances 240V
The Phoneswitch is a remotely controlled 13 amp power switch which is operated by a coded telephone call. It enables you to switch on heating appliances, lighting, security equipment, computers, modems, in fact almost any mains electrical device, on and off from any location using a telephone or mobile telephone.
Timeguard TG24 24 Hour Compact Plug-In Segment Time Controller Time controller for 13 amp appliances and filament lamps up to 400W.
Automatically switches ON and OFF at pre-set times over a 24 hour cycle, with a maximum of 96 ON & OFF programmes per day (additional setting pins required).

  • Permanent ON override for instant control.
  • Can be used with 100W fluorescent or 100W low energy (CFL) bulbs.
  • 3 year Guarantee.
TreeGreen Energy Egg
A new way to automatically stop wasting electricity in the home.
The Energy EGG saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint as it switches off appliances that are left on in an empty room. Additional appliance adapters are available.
TreeGreen Energy Egg Additional Appliance Adapter
A new way to automatically stop wasting electricity in the home. Additional appliance adapter.
Up to 6 adapters can be used with each egg.