Chimney Pillow - Log Burner/Stove Pillow - Up to 6" round

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Chimney Pillow - Log Burner/Stove Pillow - Up to 6" roundThe simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney draughts, reduce noise and heat loss from your Stove or Log Burner. Special laminate of three poly plastics make it airtight, tear-resistant and long-lasting. Shape allows some ventilation on two corners to keep the chimney dry. Completely safe: if it is accidentally heated, it shrivels and deflates. Inflate your Chimney Pillow by mouth inflation tube or air bed pump. Before lighting a fire deflate it by opening the tap and then remove it.

  •     Stops chimney draughts
  •     Can be fitted by anyone in a couple of minutes
  •     Stops debris, soot and bird mess
  •     Reduces outside noise entering the room
  •     Saves on heating bill by stopping down draughts and up draughts
  •     Allows a little ventilation
  •     Sizes to fit all chimneys
  •     Inflate to install, deflate to remove. Use again and again
Specially designed for Stoves with chimney flues up to 6" round with mouth inflation tuibe