Portable Mini USB Desktop Sanitiser DT500

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Portable Mini USB Desktop Sanitiser DT500
SmartMister DT500
The SM-MiniDT500 is perfect for sanitising small rooms like meeting rooms etc.

  • Battery & USB powered, ideal for mobile workers who work in 3rd party workplaces. 
  • Offers high levels of protection, for staff and customers in personal space. 
  • The SM-MiniDT500 will kill 99.999% of all pathogens in less than 3 minutes.
TECHNICAL DATA DT500 (Indoor use only)
  • Total power: 2-4 Watts (5V Micro-USB input,2000 Mah battery)
  • Noise level: ≤23dB(A) normal = 14dB
  • Environment: Indoors @ 5-40c air temperature
  • Tank capacity: 500ml, approx. 25-50 hours @normal use
  • Evaporation rate: ≥30-50 mL/h at 50% RH 5-27c/h
  • Coverage range: 6 or 10m2/h at 5-40oC at 50%RH
  • Charging time: About 2.5 Hours from 3-5A USB charger
  • Working time: 4-6 hours on internal battery, 10 hours on 5v USB
  • Note: output and battery life, varies according to environment and cleaning

Package includes:
1 X Portable battery powered desktop sanitiser
1 X Micro-USB cable 800mm long (no AC adapter)
1 X desktop display info stand and Information stickers 1 X 5 Litres of SmartMister Solution (SMS-HOCl)
Dimensions: 163(H)x96(W)x96mm(D) Outerbox: 210(H)x140(W)x140mm(D)
SmartMister Data Sheet
SmartMister Safety    
Data Sheet
SmartMister User Manual
SmartMister User Manual