SmartMister DT5300 Automated Surface Sanitiser & 10L Solution

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SmartMister DT5300 Automated Surface Sanitiser & 10L SolutionSmartMister-DT5300 Portable Deep Clean Surface Sanitiser 96m2 - Used with HOCl liquid

Perfect for larger rooms and open-plan workspaces.

Can automate the overnight, disinfecting of your workplace
Will kill 99.999% of all pathogens on contact

  • Complies with NHS and World Health Organisation room sanitisation requirements
  • Public Health England approved
  • Lower cost than deep cleaning
  • Lower risk than multiple chemical cleaning
  • Automated, non labour intensive compliance
  • SmartMister ultra fine DRY fogger uses ultrasonic technology to create large amounts of ultra-fine hypochlorous mist particles, giving 100% coverage in your workspace
  • Control and manage your SmartMister through the easy-to-use app
  • Scheduled Sanitising to support your in-house infection control processes
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • 12 month warranty
  • Lightweight and easy to move around if required
Package includes:
1 X SmartMister SM-DT5300 workplace sanitiser
2 X 5 Litres of SmartMister Solution (SMS-HOCl)
1 X User manual, Information posters and stickers

SmartMiseter User Manual
SmartMister User Manual


TECHNICAL DATA (Indoor use only)
  • Total power: 35-110 Watts (UK plug 230v 50Hz)
  • Noise level: ≤38dB(A) normal = 18dB
  • Environment: Indoors @ 5-40c air temperature
  • Tank capacity: 5.3L, approx. 32 hours @normal
  • Evaporation rate: ≥420mL/h at 50% RH 5-40c/h
  • Coverage range: 84-210m2/hour @ 5-40c
  • Deep clean auto mode range: 84 m2 /h
  • Incremental daily mode range: 210 m2 /h
  • Note: output and power use varies according to environment automatically
  • Dimensions: 260(H)x225(W)x240mm(D) Outer box: 530(H)x239(W)x277mm(D)
SmartMister FAQs
SmartMister FAQs
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