Atmofizer Air Purification System

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Atmofizer Air Purification System

The Atmofizer one is a UV air purifier system that eliminates, not captures, 99.9% of airborne bacteria particles and is highly effective in destroying small viruses such as COVID-19 and Influenza whilst providing natural ventilation and clean air into any workplace or business setting.

  • Creates a safe and secure setting
  • Reduces re-entry anxiety
  • A solution for natural ventilation
  • Each unit covers a 650sq foot area, requires no maintenance and ensures a clean, hygienic and assured setting for staff, visitors and customers.
Plug and Protect

Once unboxed, each unit covers a 650sq foot space and instantly gets to work. Atmofizer uses a proprietary & patented clean-tech to neutralise ultra-fine particles (UFPs) and kills small viruses between 1-300 nm including COVID-19.

How it works:

Step 1 Ultrasonic Agglomeration collects and kills bacteria, viruses and ultra-fine particles in the air.
Step 2 UVC radiation inside the machine destroys DNA & RNA of the bacteria, viruses and ultra-fine particles.
Step 3 Ultra-high Temperature kills the organic components and circulates clean air back into the environment.

Minimal maintenance
Easy to use and maintain. No expensive filters to replace and no on-going maintenance or support costs.

Compact and flexible
That small, you dont even know its there. One unit is Ideal for spaces up to 650 square feet.
  • Airflow: 5,297 ft3/h (150 m3/h)
  • Power consumption: 110 V / 60 W
  • Dimensions: 7 in (H) x 7 in (W) x 7 in (D)
  • Weights: 4.6 lbs
  • 43 decibels sound volume
Safe, certified and scientifically verified
The Atmofizer one is certified by the following organisations. Its security and efficiency have been scientifically validated by international laboratories.
  • UL Claim Verified
  • ETL Intertek Certification
  • US Aerosol Lab AREL
  • IUTA Nano Particle Claims Testing
  • BluXpert Independent Expert Witness

Atmofizer One Product Specification