TreeGreen Energy Egg

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TreeGreen Energy Egg
A new way to automatically stop wasting electricity in the home.

The Energy EGG saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint as it switches off appliances that are left on in an empty room. This simple, time-saving devices works with a touch of a button, wirelessly switching on or off the appliances of your choice around your entire room.

The Energy EGG is easy to set-up and can be controlled to suit your lifestyle with the ability to set the timer dial to leave appliances on or off when you want. Batteries included.
The energyEGG® reduces the power consumption of the modern home and work environment. It is a revolutionary yet straightforward device; if a room is not occupied all selected appliances (a television, stereo, lamp) will be switched off.
There is one convenient button to wirelessly switch ON/OFF all your appliances. The battery-powered sensor detects when a room has been left vacant and after a period of time, between 5 and 30 minutes set by you, it then sends a wireless OFF signal to a Control Adaptor, switching off the appliances connected to the Adaptor.

The energyEGG® has patent pending technology, similar to that used in alarm systems, that evaluates whether or not you are sat still or the room is unoccupied. This means it will not switch off during your favourite TV show because you are sat still. It is great too if you have a socket in a hard to reach place, as you can switch it off from a distance just by pressing the button on the top. That means no more panics because the iron has been left on, an end to the late night trawls for powered appliances and peace of mind that forgetfulness is not a factor in excessive energy bills – or domestic fires.

The unique capacity to switch off devices not in use, as well as those left standby, generates savings beyond the claims of ‘standby elimination' products. As the only product which can automatically switch off all products with no input from the user the energyEGG® is the only product that meaningfully addresses this wastage of energy and money too